Blog Post #4 – With Me, Not Above

I guess I was adjusting nicely, because I saw myself become more accustomed to the legal jargon, the seemingly infinite acronyms, and unwritten rules. For the most part, my supervisor seemed to have graduated from taking us through different forms and processes; I had the feeling she trusted us a little bit more as each day passed. I began to know more form names, learned to associate types of applications with spreadsheets, and not have to ask a million questions per application. Figuring out how to build someone’s case was the best part – I got a little taste of how a lawyer would argue for another person’s right to be in this country.

My supervisor also worked with me rather than above me; her sense of trust in not just me, but all of us was definitely nice to know. It was a simultaneous adjustment: from Michigan and New Jersey to a new home in DC, as well as a new workplace and new people. Though it took a little time, I knew after a couple days that I could do it. It was humid, but I could power through.

Being about halfway done with my internship, I really felt that I was making a difference. It was rewarding, though the applications I sent in were never going to be processed before I left this internship. Though I didn’t see the ultimate outcome, I could only do my best and make sure that I was meticulous in overseeing, building, and reviewing these applications to help someone that day.

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