Network and Navigate!

One of the points that my internship has emphasized is networking! As I progress through my internship I am realizing that promotions do come from hard work, however a strong mix of one’s network is also included in this. There are at least one networking opportunity/Happy Hour in the office a week. During these times, I ensure I go into the event with talking points appropriate for any conversation because I engage with other interns as well as Managing Directors of the firm. Although I create my talking points prior to the events, I ensure that they are less work related as people do not want to talk about work outside of work! I bring up sports, music, travel, and different places to visit in Chicago. Thus far, my strategy has been relatively efficient as I have networked with at least 7+ Deloitte professionals. Networking in my opinion is establishing an actual relationship rather than just telling someone your name. As my internship progresses, I plan to meet and connect with 3 Partners/Managing Directors, and at least 10 more other professionals.

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