What Happens When I Repeat Exactly What I Did Last Year? | #1

What happens is that I do the same thing I did last year. I ended up at another internship that had something to do with nature, with my various interests, but not necessarily with my career goals. Am I surprised that I’ve done this to myself? No, not really. This is how I am, after all. But this time I am at the very least gaining experience that feels much more practical to my future work life than the previous work did. But this time is certainly less new, less exciting, less of an adventure in most ways. Yet, an even greater adventure in various others.

The last adventure was almost absurd in nature, miles stranger than Ann Arbor life, and the current adventure is almost mundane in nature, again, miles stranger than Ann Arbor life ever is. I guess that is to say that I am living such a “normal” life here, in the motions of it at least. I wake up, make breakfast for myself, drive to work, and drive home and make dinner for myself at night. On paper it’s quite normal. But in application it’s of course completely different. I’m living in Detroit as an outsider, trying to learn how to be in the space without disrupting it. I’m working at a community based non-profit that works out of and for the Grandmont Rosedale community in Northwest Detroit. Compared to the last non-profit I was at, which was also supposedly community-based, this one is really doing the good work.

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