Why Investment Banking? : Blog #1

     Throughout many of my interviews during recruiting, the question I have encountered the most is “Why Investment Banking?” Looking back, there are many factors that drew me to the opportunity. First of all, the opportunity to explore various industries and using my professional knowledge to help clients meeting their financial goals is rewarding to me. I interned at a boutique investment bank last summer. It was unbelievable that I changed from someone who did not know anything about an industry to someone who could eventually talk about it in a thoughtful and passionate way. Therefore, the learning curve is extremely steep and challenging. But after overcoming those challenges, I could potentially hone my analysis as well as quantitative skills. Another reason is the people I will meet and work with even as an intern. As a banking analyst, I will be working with top companies in the world and expanding my personal network at the same time. Through working with other analysts and associates, I can meet driven and intelligent individuals that share the same passions as I do. Also, investment banking is known for its fast-pace as well as intense work environment, which I found to be a great personality fit. Therefore, I hope to make the most out of my 10 week internship experience by learning as much about the industry as possible. The analysts already working at the bank are great resources. Therefore, I will definitely take the initiative to ask lots of questions and improve my technical skills at the same time. Also, it is essential to step out of my comfort zone and get to know people from my group and the bank. The picture shows the internship kick off event at 230 Fifth Avenue near Empire State Building, which is a rooftop on fifth avenue that has one of the best night views at New York City. I am very excited for the experience and look forward to my change after these 10 weeks.


One thought on “Why Investment Banking? : Blog #1

  • July 9, 2018 at 7:20 pm

    Hi Zixuan,

    My name is Jennifer and I currently serve as the LSA Opportunity Hub’s Internship Coordinator for Health and Research. It’s great that you have found an ability to advance your understanding about investment banking.

    Our Hub staff plans on following along with your blog entries this summer and we are very much looking forward to learning more about how your internship goes! Best of luck!



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