Busy Work | #2

It has been some time since I have last blogged. It has been a hectic month filled with lots of busy work.

Since I have last blogged I have submitted my medical school applications and took the MCAT. Working in a translational laboratory here has been one of my most valuable experiences and I am excited to keep developing my story here.  While I had to take some time away from the lab during the time I was completing those things I am now back in full swing.  I had been able to keep up with the work but now I am here almost every day running experiments.  With two manuscripts on the way and a new highly demanding project beginning there has been plenty of work for me.

I am currently being trained and am using electron microscopy, it has proven to be a very difficult device to use, not the easiest! Luckily, my hard work is paying off.  I am beginning to enjoy research more and more.

I am excited to continue my work in the lab and will update once I finally am able to get the desired data from the electron microscope and when our manuscripts are out!

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