Hello from the Bottom of the World | #5

At this point in my internship/time in Australia, I do not even consider myself a tourist anymore. By no means would I call myself a local, but I feel like I really have the whole hang of it when it comes to navigating through the CBD (Central Business District) here in Sydney. So while my daily commute to work and office routine have become the norm, I try to keep my weekends packed with adventure then on Mondays, my boss and I chat about the stuff I did during the weekend. Having recently made the move to Australia just this year, my boss is always all ears when it comes to new places to visit. He takes my recommendations pretty seriously and we exchange ideas of where one could visit. This past weekend for example, I was lucky enough to be able to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge all the way to the peak with a few of my friends. It was so exciting and beautiful to be standing at “the top of the bottom of the world.” The whole tour took about four hours, from the time we got dressed, put on our suits, and got back down and unloaded. It was most definitely a big time commitment but well worth it. I think that one could easily climb it in about 20 mins, but we stopped along the way for questions, breaks, pictures, and a dance party at the top of it. The bridge was lit up for a lights festival going on at the time and it was awesome but also scary to be dancing so freely up in the air.  I am so grateful for that experience as many icons have also partaken in that as well. Such people to have climbed the bridge include, Sir Paul McCartney, Oprah, Paris Hilton, Miranda Cosgrove, Bill Gates, and Nat Wolf just to name a few. On Monday morning you better believe I told my boss all about my climb. He was very interested and he is now booking his trip to do with his wife. It’s the fact that I can now give recommendations of things to do around the city that makes me feel like I am no longer a tourist.

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  • August 14, 2018 at 4:37 pm

    That sounds so terrifying but so cool, Erica! It’s nice to hear that you’ve really gotten to enjoy yourself while in Sydney in addition to your internship experience. It can be really satisfying to feel like you really get living somewhere and are part of that community instead of just a tourist. It sounds like you have the hang of it!



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