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When interviewing for different positions and evaluating different internship offers, I had a lot of keep in mind. Things like the location, pay, the type of position, but also who I would be working for. I don’t mean how large the company is or how well known it is, but rather who I would be reporting to and type of person that they are. It was important to me to find someone who would understand that I’m going to make mistakes but also be willing to help me correct them. Someone willing to take the extra time to break something down for me but challenge me at the same time. I interviewed with many companies and received offers from a few, but ultimately when it came down to deciding where I’d be this summer, my choice was clear. Both founders at Court Buddy were people I could see myself working with well and supporting me along the way. Specifically, my supervisor and co-founder Kristina has proven to be a wonderful mentor for me during my time here at Court Buddy.

From the start of my interview process, Kristina and I bonded over some of our similarities and really connected in the first 45 minutes we had together. From the interview, she had found out I had an interest in pursuing advertising as my future career, and coincidentally enough she had worked in advertising for many years prior to founding Court Buddy. Our path to finding advertising as a career also falls along similar lines as well. During my freshman year of college, I had started out as a nursing major, thinking that I was interested in entering the medical field someday. As I went through my core classes for the program that first semester, I realized how much I didn’t like what I was learning about and how much I wanted to do something else with my life. After a bit of exploring, I ended up settling on Communication Studies as my major that I am currently pursuing today. Kristina also started her college career out pursuing the medical field with a degree in Biology, which she quickly learned did not suite her skills and mind at all. She took classes in different areas to try and figure out her new major, and ultimately decided upon Communication Studies as well. After her undergraduate studies, she studied at Miami Ad School in the Art Director program and went into work at a few advertising agencies after that. When we realized how similar our stories were and how well we could connect with one another, we both knew that it was a great match.

Since beginning at Court Buddy and working under Kristina as her marketing intern, I have gained so much knowledge and insight into how she thinks about creating artwork and working in advertising in general. Since I am largely in charge of social media at Court Buddy, I have learned a lot from her about creating posts that are pleasing to the eye and are consistent with our brand as well. There have been a few specific instances were I have shown her a few ideas and she has given me small suggestions that made the image look so much more professional or better in some way. It’s interesting to hear the recommendations she is making for my posts so that in the future, I am able to notice opportunities to improve the design myself. Not that the designs I made were bad, but she was able to help me optimize them in a way and help me develop my own artistic eye for redesigning my own posts. I’ve seen the importance of letting others critique your work and the amazing results you can achieve when you learn how to critique your own work as well.

Kristina has taught me so much about designing posts, color balance, making things look more appealing to the eye, and designing images in effective ways. She has also been able to share her knowledge about the advertising industry in general with me and has helped me with understanding the process of creating ads at an agency and telling me about all the people who work on specific roles to make an advertising come to life. It’s been interesting to hear from her first hand what it was like working in an agency and what I can expect out of a role if I decided to enter the field. Asking her questions about the industry and learning about it from her has been really cool and helpful for me in understanding my future career path.

As well, Kristina has gone above and beyond for me and even scheduled a day for us to visit an agency in San Francisco that a friend of hers from ad school works for. The visit has not happened yet, but I’m sure it will provide me with great opportunities to see some of the work the agency does up close as well as opportunities to ask questions and learn from the both of them while we’re there. I’m excited to see what this agency in San Francisco will look like and hope to gain a lot from it.

It has been such a great summer for me here at Court Buddy knowing I’m surrounded by people who want to see me succeed and care about me. Kristina has been a great mentor for me this summer, I feel like I have learned so much from her during my time here, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of my internship holds!

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  • July 10, 2018 at 8:23 pm

    Hi Stacie! I was able to read through both of your most recent blog posts and it’s exciting to see how you’re growing as a professional and an individual inside and outside your internship! I loved reading about Corgi Con! OMG! And the differences between Michigan and San Fran!

    I’m thrilled that you found such a great mentor in Kristina! I think it’s very wise that even in the interviewing stages with your potential internship opportunities you were looking for not just the right fit with regard to work responsibilities but also with people. You’ve seen that pay off 10-fold as Kristina is able to support your development both within your role at Court Buddy and your advertising goals more broadly. I’d encourage you to think about how you’d like to maintain this relationship beyond the scope of the internship, as it seems like Kristina could continue to be a valuable mentor even after your last days at Court Buddy!


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