Sierra Club (WK1): New Direction

The Sierra Club is broadening scope and direction. While a focus on the physical environment will always be focal to the Organization, the Sierra Club recognizes how these factors are integrated with the social inequalities faced throughout the United States, specifically in vulnerable populations.

Action is needed to elucidate the connections between mental health and the physical environment. Over the summer, I will work with Rhonda to collect intelligent data on incarceration, due to cognitive, learning and behavior disabilities, evidently rooted in negative environmental conditions.

We intend to operationalize scientifically informed plans of restorative justice in the Detroit area. ***

Moreover, the Sierra Club is working introspectively to reverse harmful, systematic prejudice and implicit bias in the ethnic and gender makeup of the organization itself. We intend to push for a sense of community and partnership, rather than a managerial hierarchy, as well as the inclusion of more women of color on staff.

“I am excited to take on such a revolutionary project with the Sierra Club. My hopes are that it will include travel and experience with a multitude of cultures and backgrounds, all working towards the same goals. Also, I am thrilled about the Allied Media Conference, starting Thursday of next week. More on this later. Also—just a note to self— do not starve in your apartment. Buy food. You have to be alive to do research.”



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