Allie Taylor – London – Week 3

The past week I have been completely immersed in the world of the Philharmonia Orchestra — the ones involved with the Virtual Orchestra, that is. The installation, which has everyone traveling to Bedford, is absolutely amazing. Essentially, it is a 10-room, digital gallery version of an orchestra experience, where there are loads of huge screen projections featuring each section of the orchestra. It is sound sensitive, so if you are in the room that is featuring the violin section, then you hear the violin part the loudest; if you are in the horn section, you hear the horn part loudest, and so on. The Philharmonia is playing Holsts’s The Planets (an absolute masterpiece), and visitors have the opportunity to see and hear this piece and the orchestra on an unprecedented scale. Additionally, there is a Virtual Reality experience, where you are situated right in the middle of the orchestra playing Sibelius 5. The entire exhibition is free, and it is absolutely amazing to see all the different people come through it, and see their reactions. We get an incredible range, from classical music enthusiasts to people who have never heard of Mozart. It has been quite rewarding, but also very exhausting, as each day has been a 12-13 hour day!


Also this week, I attended a Young People in the Arts networking event at a local bar, and made the acquaintance of a number of young professionals up and coming in the performing arts. People were from all over the world; it was extremely interesting to hear their stories of how they got to the job they have now, and what their ultimate aspirations are. I hope to attend more events such as these, and continue to network in the field I wish to go into post-graduation!

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