My First Mistake | #2

No one can be perfect, especially interns. My first mistake at work was bound to happen sooner rather than later. Another technology intern and I have been tasked with creating an events app for the office to use, which will make it easier for everyone to see what is happening in the workspace and hopefully make it easier for people to create their own events as well. We’ve been working closely with two of the product manager interns as well as a strategy intern to conduct interviews with employees so we can tailor the app to best meet everyone’s expectations. This process, also known as “requirements gathering” in the software development life cycle, took the better part of two weeks but we finally had enough to begin building our application.

If you have never worked with code before, let me explain what Git is. Git is a form of version control, which allows developers to see all of the changes that have been made to their code and also makes it easy for multiple people to work concurrently on the same project. Since we were going to have multiple people working on this project at the same time, using Git was a natural choice. However, for most school projects, the instructors will take care of setting up the Git repository for you, specifically the .gitignore file which tells you which files need to be ignored. These files are usually generated locally when running a program and will differ based on the user but are not important to the core functionality of the program. Including these files in Git will lead to a multitude of issues since the files in the repository must be the same on the computers of all the users. As you can likely guess, our first commit to the Git repository did not include the correct .gitignore file and we were faced with an error code over 100 lines long. The good news for us was that we were still early on in the process and were able to make a new repository while not losing too much work, but it was certainly an experience to learn from.

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