Week ??? in Chennai

We have reached around the half point of our internship. I have finally finished my first project of the internship which was drawing a series of comics for each level of our game. It was a really long project, that I didn’t expect to go on for so long, but I am glad that it is finally over. After about a month of working on each comic, Harina, an employee/ friend who is like my mentor, and I decided that I would work on the foreground of the comic and she would work on the background to save time, which worked out, as we finished a lot quicker than before. Starting Monday, I am about to start working in a game development software called Unity, with help fro Harina. She along with all of the other employees have been great mentors to us. I’ve got a lot of information about how different artistic things work, such as animation and UI, as well as plans after college. Not only do they encourage and help us at work, but we all also hang out outside of work, which makes it easier to relate and learn from them. Our company, along with a bunch of employees and interns from the company we share a building with go out every weekend to do things like play badminton, or to just hang out.

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  • July 16, 2018 at 10:12 am

    It sounds like you have really settled into your work there. Congrats!
    I know that your intern host is very pleased with the work of the U-M team. You are doing us proud!

    Please take a look at the blog prompts when you get a chance and respond to one or two.

    Many thanks,



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