Dehydrated Ramblings

It has been over one hundred degrees in LA for the last three days. I’m from Michigan. I didn’t even know the temperature could go into the triple digits.

So if I’m rambling throughout this post, it’s just the dehydration talking.

Most of this last week has been spent worrying about money. I realize that this does not make me special. I’m a college student. Studies show that college students spent one hundred and ten percent of any given day worrying about money. But my work trip to San Diego Comic-Con just took a turn for the expensive, and it kind of blew a hole in my already shaky financial stability, and it’s looking more and more like I’ll have to borrow from my student loans in order to both get through the rest of the summer and have something for food/rent at the beginning of next semester. Again, none of this makes me in any way special — I’m well aware of that — and I’m well aware of how lucky I’ve been so far with regards to scholarships and everything, but it’s the kind of thing that’s been filling me with a sort of existential dread and stress, and what’s this blog for if I can’t use it to very publicly exorcise my demons.

But other than the overwhelming sense of doom brought on by my imminent financial and mental collapse, it’s been a pretty good week. I had the opportunity at work to cover a couple more scripts, and one of these was the first script I’ve read since I got to LA that I didn’t deny. It was a good feeling. I was also invited to sit in on a conference call about a pilot that Dark Horse is producing, which gave me insight into how pre-production on a TV show gets started. A speaker for the series I’ve been attending talked about something similar, but from a writing perspective as opposed to a producing one, so I’ve been learning a lot about TV. Even as someone aiming to write movies it’s important information to have.

My fourth of July was pretty laid back. I went and The First PurgeI wasn’t a fan — before heading out to Calabasas to spent the afternoon with some of my family in the area. It was exactly the kind of breath of fresh air I needed, and I’m so glad to have family both here and elsewhere who I can look to for support.

That’s pretty much it. In the interest of ending on a lighter note, I’ll leave you with this mental image: I went to Santa Monica yesterday to catch a movie called Damsel that’s playing in limited release at the moment — it’s pretty good — and while I was there, the whitest man I’ve ever seen (and that’s counting myself, a nearly translucent ginger) walked up to me and introduced himself as Jesus Christ. This man was, it’s important for you to know, holding a hot pink roller suitcase which had the hilt of a katana sword sticking out of it. Speaking as a lifelong Christian, I thought it unlikely, theologically speaking, that this was actually Jesus.

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  • July 10, 2018 at 11:22 pm

    Ok Jeremiah, I’m going to go a little mom-esque here and say that I hope you’re exaggerating when you talk about dehydration. Stay hydrated please!!! That heat sounds crazy–I’m from Michigan too and I am not sure I’ve ever experienced three digit heat, so I hear you there.

    It sounds like you’re really stressed about your financial situation. It can definitely be really tough to work through these things, but hopefully we can get it worked out. I’m here reading what you write and I want to make sure that you’re ok.

    I’m curious–it seems like you’re saying that it was this trip for your internship that ended up pushing you over your budget. Is Dark Horse covering any of the cost of your trip? Since it’s for the internship, you could definitely go talk to them about it, regardless of whether they already paid some of the cost or not, and let them know that the cost of the trip was more than expected and request some assistance. It’s standard in the working world for the employer to pay for the cost of work trips. This would be good practice in advocating for yourself in a work situation (which definitely does take practice, let me tell you!).

    Also, one of the things that I know from experience is really hard about being an adult is figuring out how to budget and then stick to it. It sounds like you maybe had an expectation for the cost of this trip but it was more expensive than you thought. That definitely happens! It’s hard to balance keeping to a budget while also allowing yourself some enjoyment, especially if you’re not clear on what something is going to cost. If you’re concerned that budgeting could be part of the stress, you could maybe see if there’s anywhere you could cut your expenses without going too Spartan.

    It’s so exciting that you’re getting to experience a variety of good learning situations! I hope that this means the financial stress will end up worth it. I’m also really glad to hear that you have a support system near where you are. Definitely continue to reach out to them for more breaths of fresh air as you need them!

    Thanks for that funny mental image! I also have a hard time believing that someone super white with a hot pink roller suitcase and a katana is Jesus, but…I guess I can’t say for sure!

    If you’d like to talk more about the financial and mental stress situation offline, please feel free to email me at Either I can help you our or I can connect you with someone else who can!


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