Why China? | #1

This summer I am interning with a marketing/PR company, Beijing 99 Interactive Entertainment Marketing Consultants Co., in Beijing, China. If you ask me “why China?”, I would have to say because it is such a large country that is constantly growing and shifting. I have always wanted to travel to China to work or study. Being half-Chinese myself, I wanted to learn more about the Chinese culture and about the business side. I have travelled twice before to Beijing. The first of which was during high school, where I stayed with a host family for one month. The second was through a global immersion course offered by the Ross School of Business. It was through that course that I learned more about Chinese corporate strategy and the inner-workings of a Chinese business. We had the opportunity to visit multiple businesses in China and hear from top executives. It was then that I knew I wanted to eventually work in China.

I am currently a senior majoring in Communication Studies and Asian Studies with a Minor in Business. My majors have lead me to aspire to work in the field on global market strategy within the entertainment industry. These interests along with my study abroad experiences, led me to my current internship. Beijing 99 Interactive Entertainment Marketing Consultants Co. is one of the top marketing corporations in the field of gaming in China. The company advises organizations on how to build their brand, and how to sell their products. They are a full-service provider, ranging from strategic development to strategic implementation. As an intern, I have already been thrown into the world of gaming. I have started market research on multiple games and eSports tournaments as well as worked on a pitch for Microsoft. Although it has only been one week, I have already gained so much experience and I can’t wait for the upcoming weeks.

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