A Nice Day on the Sea | #8

Today I’d like to talk about my latest trip out on the research boat, as it ended up being quite a special one.

First thing in the morning, we left the harbor in Veli and went right around the tip of the island Lošinj. The weather forecast wasn’t looking too great, so we wasted no time in heading northwest into the open Adriatic.

After a couple of hours of traveling, we had our first sighting. It was a lone male, clearly following a trawler for an easy meal. We left upon hearing thunder rumbling in the distance, but unfortunately, still managed to get caught in the rain. It was actually rather nice for me at the back of the boat, but those who were at the front got absolutely drenched.

A few hours later, after yet another sighting behind a trawler, we decided to take a quick break on the island Cres. While it may only be just north of Lošinj, it seems quite different when you’re actually on it. We stopped in a nice bay with a small beach, which unlike most of the beaches on Lošinj, was made entirely of smooth, white stones. The water was perfect, too—crystal clear with a soft blue-green tint.

We finished off the day trip with a couple more dolphin sightings, which actually ended up being rather noteworthy. The first group we saw had males jumping all over the place, launching themselves out of the water like missiles. They were fighting, too, which isn’t as out of the ordinary as it sounds. At one point there was a chase that ended with one male abruptly (and audibly) slapping the water with his tail.

The last sighting occurred when a second group of dolphins joined the one we were already observing. It was mostly mothers with their calves, which is probably the most common type of sighting we see. This time, though, there was a tiny little newborn in amidst the group! It was just swimming (or learning how to swim, should I say) with its mother, seemingly oblivious to what was going on around it.

It was a long day out at sea in the end, but with all the amazing sights, it’s one I won’t forget any time soon. ‘Til next time!

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