Beginning of Internship

I began my internship May 14th, so I am a little late to blogging!  However, I did keep a few notes to myself during the start so I wouldn’t forget about my experience.  I am interning with the IBM Summit Program as a technical solutions specialist.  I am studying Cognitive Science and minoring in Computer Science, and wanted to work somewhere where I can apply my technical knowledge while focusing more towards client facing roles.  A coworker of mine in a research lab I work in mentioned IBM and I decided to look more into the opportunities they had, thus finding the Summit internship.

The goals I have for this internship are to learn as much as possible about IBM and their technical sales process, as well as building a network of support that will help me with my future.  I am excited to be exposed to a different side of a tech company, where the roles are more client based, but still applying my coding skills on a daily basis.  I’m also looking forward to broadening my experiences as I’ve worked in a variety of areas (a summer camp, a medical research lab, a restaurant) and now at a large technical company!

I have never really been on the “business” side of the tech industry.  All of my computer science classes are heavily focused on coding and individual work mostly, where on the other hand, I know that there is a lot of collaboration in client facing roles.  One of the challenges for me will be adjusting to a more professional work environment, as this is my first internship.  There are many opportunities I see – getting to travel with IBM, learning insider information about the products, building a network of connections, exploring my future job possibilities, living in Chicago for the summer, to name a few!  Very excited overall to begin.

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