Catching Up with TCFF | #1

I’m a bit behind on blog posts because of my last-minute scholarship application/acceptance, but I’ll do my best to fill the past few weeks in here.

This summer I am in Traverse City, Michigan working as a Communications and Media intern with the Traverse City Film Festival. I first learned about the Festival from professor Terri Sarris, who I took a SAC class with over the 2018 winter semester. During office hours I asked Terri for entertainment-related internship recommendations, and she immediately referred me to TCFF. I was sold, especially after learning that the festival was founded by Michael Moore.

The first few days of my internship were slow, but all the downtime allowed for a lot of intern-bonding. However, we soon learned that even though the actual festival isn’t until July 31, there is a LOT that needs to happen before then. Since work has picked up, my days have consisted of creating miscellaneous (mostly) online content for the film festival, from blogging to Instagram posts to working with the festival’s videography team to make videos for various programs and deals that TCFF offers. I have also become comfortable editing the TCFF website using WordPress, a platform I did not have much experience with before coming here. There’s also the occasional manual labor, as we’re responsible for tasks such as delivering festival guides to local businesses and moving merchandise out of the basement of the theater across the street. Not complaining though, I was hoping to make some gains this summer anyway, arm-wise.

There’s a lot of room for creativity with what we do, and because I feel close with my coworkers it’s a fun office environment. Since I don’t have an extensive background with making or even watching movies (I still haven’t seen a number of “staples” like The Big LabowskiHot Fuzz, and The Truman Show), I was worried about coming off as uncultured among a group of aficionados. Thus far everyone has been very accommodating of me; with the help of the other interns I’ve watched more movies in the last month than I have in the past three years. I look forward to further expanding my pallet over the rest of the summer.




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