Chugging Along (#3)

I have a little over a month left of MSPICED. I have started running the study that my mentor has been working on, and I find it very enjoyable. At first, I was very nervous to start doing this on my own, as I had a relatively negative experience with running my mentor’s studies last summer. I felt as though she expected me to be perfect from the start, and only gave negative feedback immediately after I was done working with the child – as in literally as I was walking out of the testing room with them.

Working with Young-eun has been totally different. She’s given me plenty of time to prepare, practiced it with me, reassured me that it’s okay to make mistakes, and watched videos of me running the study and then gave me thoughtful feedback for next time. This has made me more motivated to practice and perfect it, rather than feeling stress, worry, and wanting to avoid it all together.

Other than that, things have remained pretty much the same. I’ve been working on simple data entry and coding tasks. This is better than doing nothing, but I do wish that I could be experiencing more than this during the program. In the lab that I work in during the school year, data entry and transcribing is my main job, so unfortunately this feels slightly redundant to me. We were trained on how to schedule families, confirm appointments and bring families into the lab, but have yet to use any of this information in real life. Hopefully myself and the other interns will get a chance to schedule a few families and experience testing in the lab this summer.

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