Day Trip #3

One of the great things about having an internship in Ann Arbor is that many of my friends are also here as well. Half-way through the summer, a lot of my friends came back here as they had jobs with Summer Bridge Program, Comprehensive Summer Program, to do research, or simply to move in to their new places around campus. Since most of us had finally arrived, we all decided to take set a day aside for a trip to good ol Frankenmuth, and finish the day off with a trip to the beach. It was a journey. The german town had so much to offer, many sites to see, and good food to be eaten. From the horse-pulled carriages to the beauty of Bronner’s Christmas wonderland, to the plentiful fudge shop and our bountiful family chicken dinner, we had a blast.  Another unforgettable journey with my friends, and hopefully many more to come.


One thought on “Day Trip #3

  • July 12, 2018 at 1:54 am

    Hi Oluwatosin! It’s been great being able to catch up with your last two posts!

    I really enjoyed your second post about your absent mentor. It’s a real bummer when a friend and mentor who you’ve come to rely on both in a working environment and as a friend isn’t there in the way that you’re used to. It does sound like you being there holding down the fort at the lab while he goes through the transition of being a father and interning in a Colorado enables him to embark on these new adventures with ease. That’s super significant and speaks not just to your relationship but to your work ethic and responsibility in the lab.

    It’s also great to see that you’ve been able to take some time to yourself and enjoy Michigan summer with a group of your closest friends! I spent two summers in Ann Arbor when I was still an undergrad and those summers with my friends in AA were some of my best! Work life balance is so important. I’m glad you’ve been able to take advantage of your time away from the lab!


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