First Few Weeks #1

It is hard to believe that I am already a few weeks into my internship. It seems like I just started yesterday, but I have already learned so much in my short time here. It may be a familiar drive now (shorter now that I know the shortcuts) and the office is not as much a maze as when I first started, but the one thing that remains constant is just how different one day is from the next. Coming into the summer I knew that the job could be very different on a daily basis, but I was not exactly sure what to expect in terms of types of work and how the breakdown of tasks would look like within larger projects.

I am very surprised by the amount of responsibility that has been afforded to interns this summer. As the firm is very busy it makes sense to give the interns some of the work that is actually going to clients, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of making contributions to multiple deals. Before I started I was not sure how much live deal experience there would be, or if it would be a series of projects that would be more educationally focused than real deliverable focused. It seems like the learning curve has been steep, but in a few short weeks I already feel like I understand the processes of a deal much better than if I had just read a book about it or had done some educational project not for use.

Recently, I have made a more concerned effort to understand why I am completing certain tasks or side projects for a main project and where my work fits in with the larger picture. It feels like I have contributed nicely given how hard I have been working, yet I realize that my work makes up a relatively small portion of the project at large and it is important to understand all of the other pieces of the puzzle. I look forward to keeping the momentum going throughout the rest of the summer and learning something (many things) new each and every day. I am very thankful to have such a great learning opportunity this summer.

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