First Month | #1

At the beginning of June, I started my internship at the commentary section of the Washington Examiner in Washington D.C. As an intern in the commentary section, I research and transcribe information for the other writers and put together the daily opinion newsletter. I also have the opportunity to have my own writing published.

I decided to pursue this internship because of my interest in opinion journalism. As a student journalist on campus, I wanted to have the chance to experience professional journalism before I make decisions for my post-graduate endeavors. Right now, I can see myself pursuing a career in journalism.

Through my time at this internship, I hope to develop my writing and editing skills so I can be a more effective editor at my campus publication, The Michigan Review, and a more knowledgeable writer in future positions I may pursue.  I also hope to have a better understanding of the media industry and the day-to-day functions of a newspaper.

The biggest challenge I see is establishing the connections necessary to move ahead in this field in the future. For this line of work, it seems to be the main way to access greater opportunities. For right now, though, I’m really enjoying my time at the internship and in the city of Washington.

One thought on “First Month | #1

  • July 23, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Cole.

    I’m Samantha Hegeman, and I work in the LSA Opportunity Hub. I will be following your blog posts and look forward to hearing about your internship at Washington Examiner.

    It sounds like you have a solid sense of your goals for this opportunity. As a journalism major myself, I understand how important it is to develop your skills with firsthand experiences and to also establish connections within the industry. I’m happy to hear it’s going well thus far!


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