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Getting to know my project, the community, my co-workers, and my cohort, has been great. At first, I was nervous because everything was so new, yet I was also excited and bright-eyed for that same reason. During the first three weeks, the nerves began to fade and honestly, my eyes began to dull at times as well. When I first started at my placement, I was naive and bright-eyed and turned to Kia and Bash, who work on this project with me from the cohort, during the orientation and said, “I’m going to work here after I graduate.” Now, my eyes are open to the bureaucracy of it all, not to say that I don’t enjoy the work that I do, but I’ve realized that maybe it’s not where I want to be two years from now.

Regarding my co-workers, it has been a great experience. They are all inviting, helpful, and kind and I do not take that for granted. They have given us rides, office supplies, advice, and more than what I expected. For example, my first day at work was a little rough. I forgot my lunch and there weren’t any fast food or restaurants within walking distance, so one of my co-workers gave me some of her lunch. AAAAHHHH, like my heart just melted, because she didn’t know me and she definitely didn’t have to do that.

Last but not least is my appreciation for the cohort. I am thankful that I get the opportunity to work with these amazing and diverse people this summer. I think that we mesh well, and all offer something different and valuable to this group. I know I sound corny and cheesy to my cohort, but they just keep getting to know me and I’m sure they have realized that it is a reoccurring thing, lol. Anyways, as they get to know more about me, like the other weird and somewhat normal things that I have to offer, I am excited to keep doing the same with them. I have four more weeks left to do so, and boy does time fly when you’re having fun. See that right there is an example of how cheesy I can actually get, and I’d say it is a talent.

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  • July 10, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing! I am glad to hear that your internship experience has given you an opportunity to consider if this is a career option for you. Internships are incredibly valuable in that they can help inform your desired career path. Likewise, internships can be equally valuable for confirming that a career path and/or organization is not the right fit. It is far better to learn how you feel now than after graduation. In any case, it sounds like despite the bureaucratic challenges, you are still enjoying your experience and the people you are working with. The connections you make today will stay with you longer than you know! Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing more. – Jake


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