halfway through

At this point, I’ve finished my first 5 weeks (half) of my internship at Panasonic. As I’m making my way through my summer goals, I’m starting to figure out what I’ve liked so far and what I’ve disliked. My boss has given me a ton of responsibility which is incredible because it gives me countless opportunities to prove myself. However, my work is very independent and consists of lots of research and reading. Therefore, I get bored throughout the day just looking at my desktop and taking notes. I’m thinking that I want to finish my internship projects by the 8th week so I can use the last 2 weeks to explore other positions in the office and maybe start shadowing some of my other team members. I want to start picking everyone’s brains and seeing what more I can learn outside of what I’m learning just in my position. That way even if I decide to move onto a different industry or company in the future, I’ve gained knowledge that may be useful.

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