Leadership #8

Hello all,

Srishti here from FriendsLearn again! Here’s a little bit of picking around on leadership at FriendsLearn.

I think as much as enjoy this internship, one thing I wish I understood more of is my boss’s leadership skills in the company. Rather, to put it bluntly, to understand his decisions in doing certain things.

My boss seems to have a lot of big, ambitious ideas which are really good. For example, with this game we are working on, he wants to influence children worldwide to eat healthy and appeal to different cultures, nationalities, religions etc to kids as young as three years old! However, our current game is not suitable for a child that young; they won’t understand the functions of the game and pass a level, much less be able to access the game. And no matter how many examples and statistics me and my mentor pull out for him to see, he doesn’t seem to believe in anything we are saying. He listens; but he doesn’t agree with any of our suggestions. Nor does he have a specific idea on what to change, add, or iterate in the game.

A lot of this bothers me because there are times I do feel that as a student studying art and design, there are things that I have more experience on which he seems to be erasing when he doesn’t consider my advice if he asks for it.

Initially I was very frustrated with this because why ask then? Or, if you have other ideas in mind, why not communicate those clearly and effectively? Then we could understand what it is you expect from us. I still find this hard to navigate around and understand on what to do next time I meet a boss similar to him.

However, I think the most important things I’ve taken away from seeing his leadership is the importance of communication and being part of a team in the sense that one should listen, process and be ready to accept mistakes and holes in knowledge. Or, be ready to have a specific direction for which you want the company to head towards, instead of asking and getting more confused by what others say?

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