Live Nation #2

I am now two weeks into my internship and am loving it. I spent the second week the Premium Seat Sales Department, which deals with the VIP and Season tickets for Live Nation’s venues in the Chicago area. By creating a separate department from ticketing, it allows for a more personal service for the VIP clients, who pay a disgusting amount of money for Live Nation Season Tickets. With PSS I helped confirm season ticket holder’s seats for the Steely and Dan and Doobie Brothers show that was held at The Hollywood Casino. During the show, we prepared the VIP clubs and booths and sold upgrades

This past weekend I assisted the media team at LakeShake, which is a country music festival held on the shore of Lake Michigan. Photographers have very specific rules for festivals and it’s the media teams job to enforce those rules.  Interning at Live Nation is great because the company has their hands in so many aspects of the industry which allows for opportunities like this one.

There have been some differences from what I anticipated this experience to be. Global Touring is a division of its self aside from the Chicago office, so while it’s on the same floor it has its own office and is more separated from the main office. Additionally, there are only 3 people in the GT division; The COO, the Director of Booking, and myself. I’ve come to really enjoy this because we work closely as a team and I get exposed to some really high-level information and experience. So far, I have worked current and future tours for Sting, Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, and U2 among others. One of the fascinating parts of this job is the global aspect of it, we are booking shows everywhere around the globe from Rome to Hong Kong to Sydney to Bogota to Cape Town. I’m looking forward to the rest of my time here and to what the rest of the departments have to offer.

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