Settling In #2

With the primary election quickly approaching, I’ve settled into the campaign and have really gotten to work. With this internship, I was expecting the work to be very similar to previous campaigns I’ve worked on. In some ways it has, and in others it has not. Since I’m more directly involved with this particular campaign compared to others, I am learning more about both the candidate personally and how he likes to run campaigns. When I’ve worked for other campaigns in the past, it hasn’t been as personable. With my candidate, he likes to make everything as intimate as possible. When canvassing, there is not a script we are supposed to read off, we are simply supposed to have a conversation with the constituents. Being able to work for a candidate in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area has also been interesting. I’ve gotten to meet so many amazing individuals while knocking doors and have had a lot of productive conversations surrounding the political climate in both our neck of the woods as well as that of the country as a whole. As much as I sometimes worry about bothering people when I knock on their door, more often than not people are eager to discuss politics and the problems surrounding their community. I look forward to continuing my work with this amazing campaign!

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