Blog Post #1: Beginning

Hey everybody! I haven’t posted anything about my internship at Gorilla Flicks in LA at all yet, so I’m throwing a lot of information out about my first week at the company, and even life in LA.

I was scheduled to begin working on June 3rd, so I had some time to kill. My roommates and I explored the city: hiked up to the Hollywood Sign, walked down the Walk of Fame, went to Venice and Santa Monica. Los Angeles is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, having never been this far west or seen the Pacific Ocean. I immediately caught on to the excitement about living out here, even though the city loves to take your money whenever it can. The weather was perfect and lived up to every expectation.

Then work started, and I loved it. They gave me a lot of information on the first day, like who I was working for, the routine, and how to take initiative. I listened intently and jumpstarted my own projects, restocking their kitchen, recording inventory for their merchandise, and organizing their expense reports. They liked my ambition and gave me more responsibility like giving me scripts to read, sets to work on, and projects to pitch.

From the first week I knew that I would be treated kindly and with respect, which made coming to do free work so much more bearable. So far I’ve learned so much from seeing the work behind the scenes and on set as well as observing how a production company operates on a day to day basis. More updates to come about the weeks coming after, but so far I’m loving Gorilla Flicks and life in Los Angeles!

^Gorilla Flicks merchandise!

Veronica Slaven

Junior studying Screen Arts & Cultures interning at Gorilla Flicks in Burbank, CA.

One thought on “Blog Post #1: Beginning

  • July 11, 2018 at 3:40 pm


    My name is Josh Lee, and I am one of the staff members at the LSA Opportunity Hub who will be reading and commenting on your blog. Thanks for this initial post – I had been wondering when I’d be seeing it. It sounds like you’ve had a good experience thus far!

    I’m interested to know if in the month or so that you’ve been with Gorilla Flicks, what areas of work have you identified as areas you are really interested in continuing, and which areas you are not so keen on? This sort of continuous reflection will really help you narrow down the sorts of roles you will look for when it comes time to pursue full-time employment. The more you know about your tendencies and preferences, the easier it will be down the road to advocate for those desires!

    I look forward to reading the rest of your entries. Best of luck!



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