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Hello everyone! My birthday is in 8 days and I will be turning 21, so get ready for the debauchery… but I digress. For this blog post, I’ll be talking about my favorite thing I’ve done at work so far.

For my #new and #fab blog followers, I am interning at Comedy Central in New York City this summer. Comedy Central has long been my dream place to work, so I’m ecstatic that I’m here, even just for this short amount of time.

I’ve had a lot of great experiences at my internship, but one of the coolest opportunities I’ve had is to choose what Daily Show episodes are going to air on TV (with my boss’s approval, of course)! I’ll get into what that means below, but for those that don’t already watch the show: I highly recommend tuning into The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Comedy Central. It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s fun all the while being informative. Anyways, let me get into what choosing episodes for TV means.

The Daily Show was in a dark week this past week aka it did not have new episodes. My boss, the amazing person she is, gave me the chance to pick some of my favorite and most recent Daily Show episodes to air on Comedy Central’s network! It was so cool to think that what I was doing at work was broadcasting to a national audience! How dope is that!?

Anyways, I chose some of my favorite episodes including one with Bill Clinton – the former president of the United States for those that really just don’t know anything. I’ve loved every opportunity I’ve had at work, but this task I had gave me the chance to really get into the pulse of today’s culture and have my small impact on the entertainment and political landscape of today.

I have 5 weeks left in New York and I’m ecstatic to spend more time with some new and old friends, celebrate my 21st birthday in a really cool place #drank, and learn as much as I possibly can from my dream company.

Anyways, I’m out. Have a fab, flirty, and thriving rest of your day.


Your blogging Queen Sophia

One thought on “The Daily Show with Sophia Georginis | Blog #3

  • July 20, 2018 at 8:43 pm

    What?! You got to choose what episodes they played! That’s so cool! I feel like it’s time for you to setup your IMDB as a producer and add that! It’s really cool to hear that you’re able to have such an impact, and that your internship is also having an impact on you as well. It’s cool to think how your work has let you think deeper about the political and entertainment world of today and how the choices you make can have an impact there.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your experiences at Comedy Central!

    PS. I hope at some point you run into Abbi and Ilana and can throw out a yassss queen to them both!


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