The Mountain Villages of Albania

This week was definitely a week to remember for a lifetime.  Unlike my first week as an intern in Tirana, I did not stay in the office behind a desk.  However, I was exposed to the village of Nivice, a small village home to 50 families.  My classmates and I went to visit this small village in order to analyze the tourism that is being implemented in the mountains by the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Enterprise of Albania.  After taking a shuttle to a nearby city, we took a small van up 3,280 feet by winding road which took us 45 minutes.  During the ride, I met an older Albanian grandma who was proud that I came to visit the country where my family is from.  Her appreciation was expressed through lots of kisses and lots of family stories.  After our bonding ride, we met with a worker of the agency and we were escorted to our sleeping corridors.  The house that we were lodged in was legit on the edge of a canyon and I found myself going to the backyard memorizing the breathtaking views.  After spending the night in the fresh mountain air, we woke up to an ALL natural handmade breakfast: eggs, cherry jam, butter, cheese, and bread.  We then made our way down the canyon to analyze the hiking trail markings and anything suspicious.  The hike ended with a beautiful crystal clear waterfall.  After seeing the canyon views, meeting the people, and eating the freshest food, I do not see why backpackers would not want to spend their money at this magnificent place.

One thought on “The Mountain Villages of Albania

  • July 13, 2018 at 1:47 pm

    What a great experience! Those views must have been breathtaking.

    Did you take any photos? Also, were you able to talk with any other village locals during the remainder of your visit?


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