United States Mission to the United Nations #3

Describe your home away from home. How is it the same or different from where you are from? Are there any misconceptions about where you are living and working that you would like to clear up?

This summer I am in New York, NY. During the school year I am in Ann Arbor, MI. Last summer I was in Washington D.C. When there is a break, I am in Clinton Township, MI. As you can see, I have many homes. Many homes that are very different from each other. I consider Ann Arbor my home base—the place where I feel the most comfortable, the safest, the most inspired, where I get my education, have a day-to-day routine, and see my friends every day (considering that I live with 3 of them). Clinton Township is where my parents live, as well as my grandma. Washington D.C. was the first place where I could see myself living and pursuing a career outside of Michigan. And now I am in New York. New York is quite an interesting city with many unique people, cool places to visit, and neat things to see—much different than anywhere else I have been before. Yes, I like New York. No, I don’t think I will live here for a relatively long time at any point in my life. But, I like it for the 3 months that I am here and would move here if offered a job at the US Mission post-graduation (@Matthew).

Here in NY, I am staying in an apartment-style dorm at New York University. It’s a nice-sized room that I have all to myself, with a kitchen, and my own bathroom (woo!). But, I oftentimes find myself missing my crazy… I mean fun-loving… roommates back home. Who would’ve thought that I would miss our teeny-tiny apartment back in Ann Arbor where we are always sleep-deprived and hangry? But, there are perks to living on your own: like you can sleep whenever you want, study for the LSAT whenever you want without interruption, and have visitors whenever you want (well, as long as it aligns with what is in the NYU guest policy handbook of course). But, both of my parents were able to come stay with me at different points throughout the summer and those were the weekends that I became a tourist instead of just another person working in the city. Then, my best friend is coming to visit me for my birthday and that’ll be exciting!

As you probably know, New York is a total 180 from Ann Arbor and the only thing they have in common is that they are both considered cities and they both are known for the places that attract foodies. My new home away from home has been great and I have already made so many memories here. Exploring with my fellow intern and friend, Chloe, I have had a lot of fun and tried a lot of new things like steamed buns from Chinatown, cookie dough in an ice cream cone, walking along the Chelsea Pier, and spending 4th of July at the UN. This experience will definitely hold a special place in my heart and I hope to look back on this summer fondly.


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