United States Mission to the United Nations #4

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The job of the Protocol Office is to plan, facilitate, and host numerous events that help to further the policy initiatives of Ambassador Haley and the current administration. My second day working at USUN, I was told to assist the Deputy Chief of Staff/Operations with whatever she needed regarding an event that I didn’t even know was happening 5 minutes prior to that (and that even the mission had little notice for). This event was the meeting between Secretary of State Pompeo and North Korean officials (as I’m sure you saw in the headlines at the end of May). Being thrown into this stressful, hectic environment was one of my favorite experiences here. I was able to show that I am reliable, can follow instructions, assist when needed, and can be trusted to do my job effectively and efficiently.

Since then, we have put on many events and socials that have allowed the Ambassador to showcase her foreign policy directives, such as the Kigali Principles, and have further developed the relationships between Ambassador Haley and other Permanent Representatives from member states to the UN. Most recently, the Protocol team was responsible for planning, creating, and hosting our 4th of July Celebration at the United Nations. Since I started, this has been a project we have been working very diligently on and it was amazing to see the event finally come to fruition. From set-up to check-in to the fireworks to clean-up, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and we are still receiving ‘thank you’s’ for putting together this event. Ambassador Haley took the time out of her schedule that day to thank us personally for all of the hard work that went into this event and how she truly appreciates what we did to make this day special for her and her guests.

It was such an awesome experience from start to finish that day. Doing check-in for the Ambassadors and Permanent Representatives prior to the event was one of my favorite parts. From working events that occurred previously, I have come to know the Ambassadors by name and am able to recognize them without having a “cheat-sheet” in front of me. This is such a cool experience, and what is even cooler is when the Ambassadors begin recognizing you! I have learned so much from these experiences and am so happy that I have been given the opportunity to develop these skills and relationships through my time in the Protocol office, working under Matthew. I am excited to see what the rest of this internship holds and see what my next project will be!


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The 4th of July at the UN

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