Working in the Isom Lab #1

My summer internship at the Isom lab  is going extremely well. I have learned a lot  of new skills and strengthened my knowledge in the field of biochemistry and pharmacology. First I began doing basic things such as making plates that contained selective media such as antibiotics and performing mini preps/midi preps to extract DNA from bacterial plasmids.


Now that I have gained more experience and more knowledge while working in the lab, I have been working on cloning and mutagenesis. My supervisors, Allie and Jim, are great and I enjoy working with them closely  as they are very intelligent and have been able to teach me many new things as well as fun to be around.


Our lab, the Isom lab, is working towards finding a cure of Dravet Syndrome, a very advanced and more serious form of epilepsy. We are studying different mutations that are related to those with Dravet Syndrome in order to hopefully discover medicine that may help to alleviate the symptoms for those affected.   I originally joined this lab because I wanted to gain more experience working in a biology lab as it would be necessary experience for medical school and working in the medical field and of course fascinating due to my extreme interest in the field of science. Also, I wanted to work in a lab that would be able to have a direct positive impact on people’s lives. However, I never anticipated how much I would learn and how much I would truly enjoy coming to work every day.  

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