A Second Trip to Nivica | #5

A long weekend for the books! This past week’s adventure started on Thursday with a four hour 8 a.m. bus ride from Tirana to Tepelene. From Tepelene two other interns and I boarded a van packed with people and drove up the mountain, sans pavement and guard rail, to arrive once again in the beautiful village of Nivica. While this was my second time to the village, it was the first time that I was not the only foreigner. There were students from the Czech Republic who I had the opportunity to meet that were doing trail marking, and then there were several people affiliated with Bristol University in the U.K. that were doing archaeological surveys of the ancient ruins. In addition to meeting these interesting people, while we were in the village we also got the opportunity to watch a world cup game in the center, hike into the canyon and see the most beautiful waterfall, and eat freshly roasted lamb (something I’ve definitely never done before). On Saturday morning however it was time for the next step in our weekend adventure. We drove back down the mountain to Tepelene and caught a bus to Sarande, a beach town and the most popular tourist destination in Albania. We spent two lovely days visiting the beach and soaking up the sun until it was time to once again catch a 5 hour bus from sarande back to Tirana on Monday. Now it is Tuesday and I am back in the office reflecting on the time I spent away this weekend, and the increasingly shorter amount of time that I have left in Albania (less than 3 weeks aka only 2 more weekends!). There is still so much that I want to see and do here, and I cannot believe that 5 weeks have already gone by. I hope to accomplish more work related tasks in these last 3 weeks like improving my website, getting confirmation on WWOOF registration, updating the Instagram, and hopefully returning to Nivica one last time. Here’s to 3 more weeks!

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