Blog Post #2: First Few Weeks

Being one of two interns at the entire company, I’ll admit I expected myself to be a lot more busy. I pictured that I would have urgent tasks to do all the time, sometimes finding them hard to juggle. But that hasn’t been the case! There are days that I have a lot to do but the work is presented one after another, so it’s almost never a balancing act. Some days are so slow that I just do busy work around the office. I can’t tell if I’m happy about it or not; on one hand this is helpful for me to ease into a professional environment and learn at my own pace as I go. On the other hand, I want my work to be more valuable and go towards something of substance. I see the work that my roommates are doing in their own internships, and it’s a notable difference. I’m thankful and I’m learning, but I do wish it was more. Hopefully changes to come in the latter half of the internship!

Veronica Slaven

Junior studying Screen Arts & Cultures interning at Gorilla Flicks in Burbank, CA.

One thought on “Blog Post #2: First Few Weeks

  • July 11, 2018 at 3:43 pm


    I’m glad that you’re finding success in your work, and that your organization seems to trust you to give you some agency and space to work on tasks, but I definitely can relate to wanting a bit more out of an experience like this.

    Have you considered reaching out to your supervisor to discuss options for you to expand your work portfolio? What areas are you really interested in that you have not gotten the chance to experience yet? Would your supervisor be open to a shadowing experience or connecting you with another colleague who has expertise in an area of interest for you? Many times, a simple conversation is all that is necessary to see some changes.

    I’m interested to see what happens moving forward, but I hope you will take the initiative to really advocate for some of your desired outcomes!



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