Considering My Expectations, Post #2

When I secured my internship at FilmNation Entertainment, I scrutinized every word in the original job listing and in each email from my supervisor to gather the most details that I could and to build my expectations for the job. This being my first professional internship in a film office, things are still surprising even when they are what I expected.

The office is quite nice and professional despite being under renovations, but the workplace atmosphere itself is far more casual. Given that the entire production office is made up of six executives, two assistants, and the interns, everybody is in close contact when working. My supervisor said we work very closely and hands-on with the executives and that is quite true. The nature of the office is collaborative from top-to-bottom, but I suppose I expected the assistants to be sort of a liaison between us and them. But I am thrilled to say my days are made up of discussing possible scripts, giving my opinion on cuts of trailers, and other tasks that involve working collaboratively within the office. Needless to say, I am learning a lot and thrilled to be in  a position where I am not just running errands.

My fellow interns are also what I expected but still surprising. I have worked with other people my age plenty of times, but this is the first experience I have had where those people are not all generally from my area. Fellow interns are from across the country, and two are from other continents. It is really interesting to collaboratively work with people from all over the world, the interns, execs, and clients, because people bring in their own diverse personal insights. Sure, we have this at university, but I think the resonating effect is more noticeable in the office.

Overall, that trend of meeting my expectations but being surprising is tantamount to my entire internship experience. I always knew that I wanted to work in a place like this, and had a decent idea of what it would be like. But there is a big step between believing and experiencing, and I am still acclimating to the actual environment that I expected to step into. It is a very exciting process, and I am happy to be figuring it out and doing my best work.

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