Diving Into Digitas | #1

My allure towards Digitas began the minute the company presentation began back in October on campus. Throughout the presentation, I only had one thought in my head “I NEED to work here!”

The extremely impressive work Digitas had done for companies whose products and services I use every day drew me in immediately. Ads that I had long admired, I had found out, were works of Digitas. More than that, Digitas used digital advertising for social change, something I truly had not seen too much of in the advertising world. And what truly hit me was the company’s emphasis on its culture and people. In addition to all of this, the internship program seemed to perfectly align with the development of my advertising experience. Having worked on the client side of advertising, it was time for me to learn the flip-side of the agency world, and on a much larger scale than before. Furthermore, the combination of a “creative” and “analytical” mindset governing Digitas and its success was extremely intriguing, as I would say that my mind is part creative and part analytical. I yearned, however, to develop my creative side more in-depth, and knew that Digitas would be the ideal space for me to develop this thinking in. Digitas was my first corporate presentation I had attended, all of these factors gave me the confidence boost to engage with the recruiters. I thought that if I could link well with the recruiters, I would find my potential future co-workers and environment enthralling and a perfect fit for me.

Throughout the interview process, I was able to not only showcase my own skillset, passion, and aspirations, but I found more and more reasons that Digitas was the ideal fit for me. The internship program, I had learned, was two-pronged. One side was the “day-to-day,” client based work which would teach me the ins and outs of being a Media Planner for a large scale client. I would be learning the beginning to end of media planning, from proposal to diagnostics. The other side was the “overall,” a summer internship project I would conduct with a small group of interns. I would be given a real-world case study/problem, and formulate a solution to present to executives at Digitas at the end of my 10 weeks there. This structure drew me in that much more. I had never had an internship with such a formalized program, and I knew that this structure would enable me to get the most and even more out of an internship. I would be able to learn a new skillset, and put it to work in a hands-on environment.

After an extensive interview while I was studying abroad, I was offered the position of Associate Media Planner Intern early April. I accepted immediately. I could not be more thrilled to begin my pre-senior year internship in a renown media agency in my favorite city of New York.

All of my expectations for this internship have already been met and exceeded to an extreme. Each and every day, I truly become more grateful for the experience I have so far had here at Digitas, and look back to that day in October where I learned that there is such a thing as an internship match made in advertising heaven!

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