“I’m doing what now?”

One thing I am really learning is how to be flexible in a sense where it’s okay to not know what is going to happen next. I am someone who likes order and planning; I don’t like to wing things at all. However, the environment here is completely different in that knowing what is next is not an option!

My work consists of organizing Excel spreadsheets, sending emails, scanning transcripts, and assisting the Summer School students when they need help (academically, schedule-wise, navigation of the city, etc). What I was not told was that there would be moments where I would be tossed in with the students in their activities, and I would participate with them as if I was also taking their classes.

On one hand, I am ecstatic that I get to be a part of both sides of the Summer School by working with administration and by tagging along with the students. On the other hand, my mind whirls with panic as my check-list of tasks to complete, transcripts to scan, and emails to send becomes longer and longer and longer with every passing minute that I am not behind my desk.

But, if I really want to live the French life, I must be spontaneous. Just today, I found out that I will be not only accompanying the students on their trek across the river to an ecological garden, but I will be helping in leading that trek! (Super glad that I decided to wear close-toed shoes today!) This is just one of the many tasks and events that I am thrown into, but that’s what these internships and experiences are all about- really trying new things and going out of one’s comfort zone.

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