Improvement is Key | #3

After leaving my internship with Proof Management, the past couple weeks I began working at Stagecoach Stop & Western Resort doing some marketing, graphic design, and event planning. This is already a much better experience for me. Most of my time at work is spent at an office in LaSalle, Michigan rather than on the property of the Stagecoach in Irish Hills, Michigan. The biggest project I have been working on is designing 15 posters that are going to be put up around the property at the Stagecoach.

I was given information sheets about 15 different Western historical figures along with some photos, and I was asked to create 3×4 posters for each one. This was my first time using a graphic design program, but after I finished a rough draft for the first one, she said that she loved it and that I was a natural. Even if she was just trying to be nice and build my confidence, it was definitely reassuring! I continued designing and printing the signs, and I’ve now finished all 15 of them.

She kept saying that she wanted me to go visit the Stagecoach so I could see where I would want some of the posters to be placed, but she never really gave me a more solidified time or date that she wanted me to go. This past weekend I took initiative and decided to ask my dad to go up with me to check it out. My dad has been up there before because he knows some of the people that do a lot of work on the property. I was pretty cool to look at all of the old western-styled buildings, but there was not really much to do there other than walk around and look at the buildings for maybe 20 minutes, ride a short hay ride, watch short skits and fake gunfights every so often, and visit a small petting zoo. My dad and I realized the admission prices did not really seem to be worth the limited amount of activities that the Stagecoach had to offer. We also had no idea where any of the signs should be going so I was just rather confused.

During the ride home, I decided to brainstorm different ideas for more activities and such that could be added to the Stagecoach to make someone’s visit more worth the admission price. Yesterday I spoke with my boss about some of my ideas and she loved them. One of my ideas was to make a scavenger hunt based upon all of the posters that I created. After my talk with the boss, I spent the rest of my day creating a worksheet that could be passed out at the entrance of the Stagecoach for visitors to walk around the park and read the different signs that I made and if they find all of the answers, they will receive a prize.

I am really excited to continue bringing some of my ideas to life at the Stagecoach. The property has a ton of potential, but I don’t think it is being utilized as well as it could be yet. I’m hoping I can improve that with the rest of my time here! The picture on the left is a photo of some of the buildings at the stagecoach and the one on the right is one of the signed that I designed.

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  • July 11, 2018 at 1:37 pm

    Hi Devin – Wow, you’ve gotten off to a running start in your new position! The poster you shared looks great, and I’m so glad you are getting to explore new design techniques and marketing ideas in a supportive environment. I encourage you to continue communicating regularly with your supervisor, especially anytime you need clear guidance, have questions, or would like feedback on your work. Will be looking forward to reading what you take on next!


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