Making New York Work #3

New York was never something I dreamed of in the way many people do. Sure I thought my eighth grade field trip there was cool and there are plenty of ways to keep anyone entertained, but I always just assumed it was not for me. Too busy! Too expensive! Too crowded! Fortunately, summer internship powers that be knew better and I was offered an opportunity here in NYC. Skepticism turned to excitement turned to procrastinating studying by adding to my ever growing bookmark folder of things I wanted to do once I got to the city.

My first week, I had to constantly remind myself “it is ok if you feel overwhelmed, you would be crazy if you weren’t” There were countless things to learn from unspoken rules on the sidewalk to a new subway system (picture my face as I zoom past my stop and realize I got on an express train by accident) to how to get groceries home without a car. As time went on though I realized something, New York works because its people make it work. They get to exist in this hodgepodge of culture, activity, beliefs, and interests smushed together because they know to always let people off the subway before you get on. There is a beauty in that that I greatly admire and gives me hope about our ability to coexist with people vastly different than us.

So in short, New Yorkers aren’t rude. You just messed up. But don’t worry, with time and practice you’ll figure it out.


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