My Future Starts Now | #1

There are many opportunities as well as challenges that I foresee this internship presenting. Opportunities include developing my leadership skills, cultivating meaningful relationships with staff as well the students I will work with, and learning a lot from experienced workers. Those opportunities lead to more opportunities: making connections with programs and people within the office have connected me to people outside of the office, which expands my network.

A challenge that I foresee is simply, fear. I worry that I wont have the skills needed to do certain jobs well, or my creativity won’t kick in when I need it, or that I’m not cut out to be a leader. But one thing I remind myself of is challenges are opportunities: instead of feeling fearful of what I think I can’t or don’t know how to do, I need to be optimistic that I will develop the skills I need, my creativity will blossom the more I observe the work of others, and that being a leader doesn’t come instantaneously, but over time. My workplace is a garden. Myself and my fellow interns are seeds that were chosen to grow under the hands and tools of the gardeners that are the current staff, so we can be cultivated to be strong, beautiful, and unapologetically fruitful from everything we do.

So yes, challenges present themselves, but they are opportunities for growth and development, as are all internships. No one enters a job knowing how to do everything that is required of them, so there’s no need to worry that I won’t know what to do. I will continue to take advantage of the opportunities for growth and advancement, and turn all my challenges into more opportunities.

2 thoughts on “My Future Starts Now | #1

  • July 28, 2018 at 9:50 am

    Hi Ashley,
    Challenges are certainly opportunities for growth and you’re right, no one enters a job knowing how to do everything. I think you will find that if you leverage the experience around you and ask lots of questions you’ll do great. What kind of projects have you been working on?

    • August 28, 2018 at 2:51 pm

      Hi Kim,
      Thanks for reaching out! I did a benchmarking project to compare our programs those that are similar throughout the country. I also worked to develop a resource guide for students that houses as many resources as we saw fit for first-year students in particular to benefit from knowing about and locating. My hope is that those projects play a role in our programming!



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