Route to Routine – The Art of Manifestation #3

At this midway point of my internship, I am now reflecting on some of the goals I wanted to achieve through out the summer. I’ve noticed that it is all about the art of manifestation.

One of my major goals was to get into a routine. My initial trouble at the start of working was how tired I was. I usually spent my summers lounging and losing track of time so this was not only a big change but it was a necessary change to be successful. But I had a few issues due to not being a morning person. For example, I was waking up past my alarm a lot by pressing my snooze button more than once. I would end up rushing out of my house deciding if walking or taking the bus (factoring the heat at times) would be a better choice, just missing the regularly scheduled shuttle provided at my apartment. Go Sal. And coming home from work, especially after such hectic starts to the day, I was just so tired. I’d rest and wake up into the start of the night. A horrible routine was forming. To combat this, I started to drink way more water and take some dietary supplements. They have been working well but progress is not linear. My situation is complex, as everyones, with a couple of health issues so I’ve been learning to pay more attention and value to them in relation to working. This new transition of 9 to 5 working has indeed been a journey. Gratefully, my body is much more used to the waking up early and the loads of walking I have been doing has given me an tiny exercise regime. This week, I am adding a new addition to my routine: a morning run. I admit to being a bit anxious but lately, I have been listening to a great podcast (Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations) and reciting mantras of I am. If I am going to be this routined, energized person, I have to start truly believing it is possible. I’ll elaborate more on my next post 🙂

One thought on “Route to Routine – The Art of Manifestation #3

  • July 25, 2018 at 10:16 pm

    Hi Sally! I feel you – that 9-5 can be tough! Especially when you’re used to a college schedule of classes not until late morning/afternoon and up late. You’re doing it though! Can’t wait to hear more about how the morning run works for you.

    Thanks for the podcast recommendation! I’m constantly listening to podcasts, so I’ll definitely have to check out Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations! Are you familiar with Gretchen Rubin? She wrote the book called the Happiness Project among others and has a podcast called Happier with her sister Liz Craft. Gretchen is alllll about forming good habits and tricks/hacks to make life happier. Would recommend if you’re looking for another podcast! I think it might be up your alley!


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