Week #3: Reflections from the Field

My reflections of my placement so far are of mixed reviews to say the least. What I do enjoy about my placement are the people that I work with, actually physically being in the neighborhood that I am trying to service, and talking with the residents of the community. Yesterday I went out with a survey team to do door to door canvassing for a community survey that my organization is doing and that was my first time when I got to see first hand the harsh conditions that a lot of Detroit residents are living in and how it affects the structure and mentality of a neighborhood. What I find more challenging about my placement are realizing that we only have 6 weeks left in the program and really starting to wonder if I am going to be able to fully deliver on my project to the level that my supervisor expects and I strive for. Over this last week I have begun to realize that some of the challenges that I am coming up against are not just exclusive to me but rather universal to the non-profit sector as a whole.

It is now week three of this program, day to day it feels like my days are dragging by sitting at a computer doing data entry. However, when I do allow those quiet moments of reflection to make their appearance I realize that I am doing much more than just sitting at a desk drawing and entering data. I am exploring Detroit, becoming acquainted with the story and people of this city and learning about the non-profit sector. Detroit is a city that is slowly growing on me. The more I learn about this city I am realizing that I have more in common with the people here than I initially thought. At the beginning of the summer I committed myself to telling a story of Detroit that has always existed but has not always been told. And what I am realizing is that when I made that commitment, I also committed to telling my story. So stay tuned.

One thought on “Week #3: Reflections from the Field

  • July 12, 2018 at 3:27 pm

    Kia, thank you for this honest reflection, and your other post about familial homelessness in Detroit. Your realization that some of what you’re experiencing may be commonplace to non-profit work is a profound one. Have you gotten to talk with your supervisor at all about that? Either way, does it have an impact on what you hope to do for work after graduation?

    Additionally, you really hooked me with the end of this blog post. Very much looking forward to learning more of your story.


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