Why I Chose Michigan Medicine HITS | #1

My mom works in a hospital. My brother is an EMT. Within a mile radius, three urgent cares surround my childhood home. Since a young age, the concept of health and the healthcare industry have been very central figures in my life. I grew up thinking I would become a physician or surgeon one day, but that all changed when I took my first economics class. I don’t know what came over me, but I immediately rerouted my goals and aspirations from becoming a healthcare provider to becoming an economist. By the time I started at the University of Michigan, I had said “goodbye” to my childhood dream of working in healthcare and said “hello” to a double major in economics and mathematics. Although my intentions were to jump into finance with these new quantitative and analytical skills, the healthcare industry continued to entice me.

I chose my internship at Michigan Medicine’s HITS (Health Information & Technological Services) department because it allowed me to mix my two interests. As a Data Analytics Intern, I am able to pull my love for healthcare and my skills in quantitative analysis together. With this position, I am lucky enough to monitor, analyze, and present an array of interesting data sets that explain how healthcare providers interact with the technologies in our hospital. As the department enforces new initiatives, I am also responsible for following their progress and reporting on their metrics. Although I may not be the face-to-face healthcare provider I once dreamed of being, I still feel the positive impact that my work has on the community. Through this position, I am able to help healthcare providers achieve more.

This position with Michigan Medicine has opened me up to a world of opportunity and introduced me to my future in health IT.

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