Diving Into Digitas | #3

Gaining leadership skills is a huge goal of mine in every endeavor, especially my summer internship. The goals that I have set for myself, both in my professional and personal lives, involve me exhibiting powerful leadership skills, and the confidence that comes along with having such leadership skills. I try to gain insight on leadership skills in any situation I may find myself in, and always take notes, either in my head or on paper, on any pointers I find helpful, or not helpful.

A summer internship is where I find that I can expand and enhance my leadership skills the most. The space in which I learn the most about leadership skills is meetings. In a meeting, I watch carefully on how the leader of that meeting or presentation gathers the attention of the room, facilitates the conversation, and engages with the individuals in the room. I admire a leader that knows how to efficiently make use of time, makes a smooth transition between subjects, and keeps a meeting entertaining yet informative. I watch how a leader carries a meeting when there are 5 people, and when there are 30, and note the differences between meetings with varying numbers of attendees. I have also been careful to note how some leadership styles are not successful, or wouldn’t work for me. For example, I have been to a meeting where the leader him or herself shows up 10 minutes late, a meeting where there was no agenda set, and meetings where there is disagreement, and there is no arbitration by the leader. These meetings make me cringe! But at the end of the day, they are learning experiences, and spaces for me to develop my own leadership style.

I also have met with individuals at Digitas who can give me personalized advice for developing leadership skills. In fact, every meeting I have had with individuals at the company, whether they were a project manager or a creative strategist, I ask what leadership advice they have for me. I have been given the privilege at my halfway point to lead meetings! I read the notes I have taken on leadership skills before meetings, and be sure to implement those during my time as leader.

My goal is to learn as much as possible not only about the world of media planning, but about being a leader in various spaces.

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  • July 25, 2018 at 8:49 am

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thank you for sharing your great posts! My name is DeMario Bell and I am the Information Services Coordinator at the Opportunity Hub. I will be following your blog posts for the summer. I’m excited to hear things are going very well for you at Digitas and it’s a place you’ve always wanted to be. It’s always a great feeling when one can connect their values, passions, and strengths to a great organization and produce meaningful work.

    It seems like you are familiar with the NYC area and know how to navigate around parts of town. We have a very strong alumni base in NYC. Have you been able to connect with the local alumni group since being there? If not, I encourage it! Further, I love hearing that you want to maximize this experience and obtain as much knowledge and leadership skills as possible. That is a great goal to have for yourself. Can you tell me a little more about some of the projects you’ve been able to work on this summer?

    Go Blue!


    • July 31, 2018 at 3:49 pm

      Hi DeMario!

      I have been lucky enough to connect with Michigan’s amazing alumni base here in New York. In fact, there are several alumni here at Digitas, who I have become very close to! It is nice to know I have a Wolverine family wherever I may be. I am currently working on two main projects. My main day-to-day tasks are client-based. My client is American Express! I deal with all things media-plan related for the digital side of AmEx’s advertising. On the other hand, I have an intern project (see my post #5!) for Samsung! Both are extremely esteemed clients that I still can’t believe I work with.

      • August 16, 2018 at 12:53 pm

        Yay! I’m so glad to hear this, Rebecca! Maximize this experience!


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