Diving Into Digitas | #2

My home away from home was once my home! I am working and living in New York City this summer, but in many times in my left NYC felt more like home to me than my actual home of Florida. This is because I was born here, lived here for several years, and have my entire family here.

I live nearby to where I lived last summer here in NYC, and thus am very accustomed to the neighborhood I reside in once again. In fact, I am only three streets over from my previous residence during my last internship, and even love this slight expansion more! I live with fellow University of Michigan students, who also have internships. It is quite rewarding to come home every day and us three discuss our various jobs, reminisce on Ann Arbor, and make exciting plans for our last year on campus. We often reflect on how Michigan, from its classes, brilliant students, and overall environment has shaped our career paths.

Living with my close peers from Michigan has allowed me to feel connected to school, even after not being on campus since December, as I went abroad. In a way, it kind of feels like my wonderful environment in Ann Arbor! At school, we come home from classes and discuss our assignments, work, and other extracurricular activities, and it is almost the same living here in NYC, except that internships are discussed instead of finals. It makes me want to be surrounded by my fellow Wolverines my entire life, as it gives me comfort no matter where I am.

In terms of comparing NYC to Florida, there are many differences (although it doesn’t seem that way in the boiling hot summer!) Fortunately for me, many of my peers from home are here in NYC with me, expanding their horizons alongside me. It is quite comforting to have the people I grew up with here with me in a massive city. We help each other navigate our way through the city that never sleeps. Although I have some of my Florida life with me here, it could not be more different here. After my freshman year, I had my internship back home. I felt isolated, as I would go to work and then straight home, unlike New York where I walk to work, then usually meet up with my peers immediately after, and truly am never alone. I always have some sort of activity after work, whether it be a social gathering or a work event, or going to the gym to keep my wellness up. This is a main difference I notice from working here versus home –  I am a LOT more busy, which I really appreciate. I feel more “adult” here, managing my time before and after work hours. I also very much appreciate being surrounded by individuals who are working. Although unconventional to admit, I love the morning rush I am a part of before work – everyone in suits jaywalking to make that one long light, people running in and out of subway stations frantically, an iced coffee in one hand and a phone in the other. As noted, in Florida I would drive to work, then straight home, only being surrounded by working individuals that were in my office building. This striking difference is something I appreciate. A bonus for me is when I run into a fellow peer also running to work, as it still seems surreal to me of how quickly time has flown, and now we are here in a huge city working everyday.

There aren’t really any misconceptions I think people have around NYC and the advertising world as a whole. In fact, I love running into someone I know and the usual exchange that ensues – “where are you working this summer!” I love explaining my job and the clients I work for, mostly because the reaction I usually get is awe and amazement. My passion for my job is reflected in the way I explain it to others, and their positive reaction makes me feel even more confident that this is the perfect career field for me.

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