Halfway done

Just in this past week I have reached the exact halfway point of my internship. It has seemed to absolutely fly by and I find it hard to believe I am already at this point and have come so far. The first half of my internship here in the Hankenson lab has been full of learning. I have made many mistakes but also have improved my lab skills as well as general science knowledge by a great deal. As I reached the half way point I have felt the momentum of the lab shift; it is no longer time for planning and practice trials and it is time to produce the data that will actually be in the final paper. This is all very exciting and I feel totally prepared for the weeks to come. In fact, this past week we began a portion of our experiment; however we almost immediately discovered an major problem. This issues stems from back before I was a part of the lab having to do with a prior employee of the lab. This employee was in charge of genotyping the mice in our colony that we use for our experiments. The experiment that I am doing requires a specific genotype of mouse such that we can get the correct fluorescence on the microscope at the end of the experiment. As it turns out the mice I was using were not of the correct genotype so all the work I had done could not be used in the final paper.  While this was extremely frustrating I was able to look at it as more practice to get even better for the next time we do this. I look forward to more science be conducted in the second half of my internship and I am hoping for no more issues!

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