Home Away From Home | #3

Living in Massachussetts has definitely been different from living in my hometown. I’m originally from Novi, MI, which is a pretty small city. I’m currently living somewhere that allows me to experience three different places at once. My sublet is in a residential area on the edge of Somerville, which is a town with an active arts community and a large number of “squares” that mark neighborhood boundaries, entertainment centers, and businesses. I work in Cambridge, so the Harvard campus is a short 10 minute walk from my house. Being on a college campus reminds me of Ann Arbor, although this one seems a lot more stretched out. I’m also a few subway stops away from Boston, which I often visit on the weekends. It’s nice being so close to a big city where there’s so much to see. This area has a really good public transport system, which means I can travel around the area easily and quickly. Being surrounded by three unique places means that there’s always something to do and I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far.

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