Mexican Food – #3

The Mexican diet is very different than the diet I eat at home. Everyday at one o’clock, four other interns and I meet at a local woman’s house and she cooks us lunch. I am not used to eating so many carbs or so much cheese, but here every meal, and I mean EVERY meal, is served with tortillas. The meals usually consist of beans, cheese, tortillas, and some other main course such as meat, soup, or another carb like tostadas which is then drenched in salsa and hot sauce. The lunch I eat here is nearly equivalent to all I eat in a day back home. I have only made the mistake of eating before lunch one time, because I must go there with a completely empty stomach in order to finish everything on my plate, which Alma expects. At first, the food overwhelmed me, I wasn’t used to feeling pressure when eating, but now I look forward to the meal everyday. My favorite part of eating at Alma’s is the salsa she makes. I am not the biggest fan of beans, chilaquiles, or tamales, but if I drench it in Alma’s home made salsa verde it tastes great. Its kind of strange, because I didn’t like hot stuff before I got here. Now I drench all foods in hot sauce, it just tastes boring without it.

Eating Mexican food at restaurants is always interesting. There are many stray animals that wander around the restaurant, but instead of the animals being kicked out like they would be in America, they are often fed leftovers and petted by customers. The restaurants here are always very cheap, and you can bring your own drinks. In some places, I have watched waiters take tortillas off of a table of a family that has just left, and put the leftover tortillas on our table to eat. At first, I thought that was really gross, but my opinion quickly changed after thinking about it deeper. Why waste the food?

While I enjoy eating fish tacos everyday, I do miss french fries and will most definitely be ordering a large fry as soon as I am back in the mitten.

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