SAC Summer Speaker Series | Blog #3

One of the perks of doing a SAC-credit internship in LA is the opportunity to be a part of the Screen Arts and Culture Summer Speaker Series. The Summer Speaker Series, headed by SAC alumni Kelci Parker and Dan Pipski, is a weekly get-together for SAC students and industry executives, directors, writers, producers, etc.

So far, we’ve met Ol Parker (Mamma Mia, Mamma Mia 2), Jason George (Blacklist, Narcos), and Olivia Morris (TBS, The Last O.G.), and I’ve been blown away by each of them. Each of them have gifted us with a wealth of wisdom and inspiration. To me, Hollywood has always been an enigma, but now, I’m learning something new and gaining a clearer understanding of how the film and television industry works every week. Having intimate conversations with accomplished directors and executives has made my dream of wanting to be a storyteller and creator more tangible and realistic.

Having the Summer Speaker Series as a supplement to my internship is definitely helping me stay inspired and stay hungry. It’s really easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed from intern duties, but having the opportunity to meet people in the industry who’ve “made it” has been very encouraging and worthwhile for me.


Nina K

SAC major. Class of 2019.

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