Update #4

What are you learning about leadership from your internship experience?


This summer, being that myself and the other participants of the internship are only PILOT members on campus, we are PILOT for the summer. PILOT has a little over 40 members and numerous affiliates with various people who hold positions. Being that only one of our co-directors and the director for 1 of the 3 programs we are currently planning for is present on campus and our meetings, the idea of leadership is fluid and collaborative. When I say fluid, I mean it in the sense we are making decisions while keeping in mind what those who aren’t present would possibly say. When making decisions we consider them, talk on them and consider all sides, and then we vote on it. Coming into this internship, I thought leadership was learning to make good decisions for the whole on your own, but it’s the complete opposite. Rather, it’s learning how to bring people together to learn how to make decisions together to make sure everyone’s voice is actually heard.

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  • July 24, 2018 at 2:52 pm

    I love this idea of leadership as fluid and collaborative and bringing others’ voices to the forefront! Most folks don’t often think of this way. This is a perspective that will serve you well moving forward, as many organizations value this perspective. For more leadership development and help with conveying your perspective, the Hub is a great place to find opportunities to practice this kind of leadership and learn more about yourself and what kind of leader you are. Thanks for sharing!


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