Week 1

My internship has been very exciting. Nike is a company that prides themselves on working as a team. Although, many companies say the same thing, I really feel like it’s true at Nike. I’ve learned so many new things, both about myself and about Nike. I’ve learned about to navigate myself through a new city, how to get around and to pay bills. It’s great to be a brand new environment, Portland has a lot in common with Ann Arbor. Its nice coming to a place that I have yet to explore. Being from Ann Arbor, exploring Ann Arbor was not that exciting, but I’m able to get that experience here at Nike. I’ve also learned about the history and the connections Nike has all over the world. Nike, has an impact all over the world. It’s crazy to know what I will contribute to a little bit that. My biggest goal for this internship is to learn more about different ways tech can be used within this business. Tech is so wide spread and has so many different opportunities, and I’d like to learn about those opportunities. I also like to learn about the interactions that Nike has with other parts of the business.

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  • July 25, 2018 at 9:18 am

    Hi Zena! I’m Kate, one of the Coaches at the Opportunity Hub. Zane, one of the Hub’s interns, and I will be following along with your blogs this summer. We’re looking forward to learning about your experience at Nike!

    One quick note: each blog post should be 200-300 words in length to give you space to engage deeply with one or more of the prompts. If the blog text box is throwing off your sense of wordcount, it might be worth drafting or double-checking in Word before submitting. Please update the posts you’ve made to include a bit more detail. Thanks, Zena, and looking forward to more updates!


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